Overhead or floor handling installation
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Overhead or floor handling installation

Our expertise in handling systems

The robustness and durability of the CONVOYNORT conveyors are the result of the simplicity of concept and quality parts used. CONVOYNORT works in different fields, painting installations, surface treatment, foundries, assembly plants, aircraft industry and many others.

Our different handling means

Overhead conveyor

Convoynort - Manutention aérienne - Convoyeur aérien - Birail - Zone de stock More information

Floor conveyor

Convoynort - Manutention au sol - Convoyeur au sol More information

Special handling system

Convoynort - Manutention aérienne spéciale - Élévateur horizontale More information

Handling by gantry

Convoynort - Manutention aérienne - Pont roulant More information