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Floor conveyor

Our range includes several single strand floor truck conveyors.
Each one is designed based on the load, driving type, etc.
The features common to the models show are:
The Cardan joint chain runs in a steel rail.
The load to be carried out is placed over the rail.
The floor conveyor is fastened to small posts anchored to the ground.
The loads can be rotated and indexed.
The floor conveyor can have a continuous or intermittent operation.
(See floor conveyor video)

Convoynort - Floor conveyor - Chain of varnishingConvoynort - Floor conveyorConvoynort - Floor conveyor - Chain of painting line Convoynort - Floor conveyor Convoynort - Floor conveyor - Conveyor for flasks

Conveyor for perfume flasks in a glass plant.
The conveyor offers the advantage of placing the rail openings towards the bottom.
That way, it is protected against falls or glass falling into the rails.

Convoynort - Floor conveyor - Conveyor for can