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Manual monorail - Sliding doors - 600 Series

Monorail manuel - Portes coulissantes - Série 600

Manual sliding door

Convoynort - Manual monorail - 600 series - Sliding doors

Sliding door trolleys are protected inside enclosed conveyor track.

Monorail profile is used both as guiding rail and trolley protection.

Inside rolling track, travelling trolleys are fitted with ball bearings and guiding rollers which make comfortable no-friction moves without effort for people in pulling or pushing the sliding door.

The sliding door track hangs on wall or ceiling.

Suitable clamps for wall or ceiling hold the enclosed track which is used as rolling path for the sliding door. They also make the inner track edge as close as possible with the wall, in order of reducing space between them.

Manual monorail - 600 Series - Sliding doors - Track and trolley drawing

Made of one or several sections, sliding door will be fitted of rolling trolleys at junctions of door sections, allowing moving forward and backward thanks to trolleys linked and assembled as a train.

Horizontal bends may also complete the rolling track making an L-shape of the sliding door circuit.

Motorized sliding door

The automatic forward and backward moves of the sliding door may be done by motorized trolleys.
Pneumatic cylinder for straight move will drive the trolleys for a short run.
Double sliding doors working as automatic entrance will be also driven by motorized chains.

For applications which require a high level of cleanliness, tracks, horizontal bends, trolleys, clamps may be built in stainless steel.

On site, CONVOYNORT’s clamps, tracks and trolleys are easy to install.