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Our company

CONVOYNORT is a French company founded in 1995 and a subsidiary of the Swedish group HJORT CONVEYOR-AB.

Based a few kilometers from LILLE in northern FRANCE.

We design, manufacture and install conveyor lines. Our knowledge and recognized experience in this field have led us to realize many overhead or floor handling installations in EUROPE and other countries. Historically, conveyor systems for paint application lines have always been numerous in our business. Nevertheless we are not limited to that single segment. The industry in general is our focus.

Our products consist of standard components and are easily adaptable to varied requirements.

Besides component supply, we provide turnkey realizations, maintenance and service.

Internal manufacturing and simplicity are the basis of the quality of our conveying equipment.

Our expertise

Overhead or floor handling installation varies greatly from a client to another one. It is very unusual to produce two identical installations.

Light or heavy work piece, large or small dimensions, low or high production rate, with or without lifting equipment, etc. will make of each installation a unique case.

A conveyor system is a sum of useful provisions and services. The realization of a CONVOYNORT conveyor solution for light or heavy loads can be decomposed into several items:

Conveyor and equipment
Steel structures

Value of each item varies for each conveying application. The realization of a floor or overhead handling installation requires special study.

CONVOYNORT implements its experience, know-how acquired over many achievements conveyor and skills to meet the needs of the customer.

Our skills: project engineering, study tours and flow, planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation, testing and vacuum support, commissioning, training, setting records techniques, notices, follow the installation, after-sales and maintenance services contract.

CONVOYNORT can support the complete service or part of it.

If you have special needs, our business and our research teams are here to advise you and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

With our experience we offer a full range of amenities that will ensure:

Convoynort - Conveyor for heavy loads

Increase your productivity
The hourly cost
Maximum profitability

Convoynort - Conveyor for light loads