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Overhead monorail chain conveyor

CONVOYNORT’s overhead monorail chain conveyor forms a closed loop. From small carousel to long circuit including level differences, CONVOYNORT’s chain conveyor will bring you advantages that are described below.

Work pieces or carried loads hang on conveyor chain directly or by intermediate supports as load bars, carriers, rotation devices, hooks, links, etc.

Chain of overhead conveyor moves inside an enclosed C-shaped track.

Chains have bearing and guiding rollers thus ensuring friction-less motion in horizontal and vertical curves. Curves are arched sections that require no extra holding rolling or idler wheel. Thanks to its sturdiness and design, cardan chain will convey work pieces without effort throughout long and sinuous conveyor circuit.

Depending of total load carried, conveyor circuit length, etc. one or several traction groups will drive the conveyor chain continuously or in a step by step moving.

Adjustable clutch protection protects each drive unit and conveyor chain against overload.

Adjusted by a frequency inverter or not, chain speed or time cycle remains characteristic to be clarified for each monorail overhead conveyor.

Loading or unloading robots may be included inside the handling installation as well as automatic vertical dipping stations and equipment like gripper system easing hoisting works. CONVOYNORT’s technical team will answer any need you may have thanks its ability to bring innovative solutions.

CONVOYNORT’s overhead chain conveyors are often used as part of paint & finishing lines with surface treatment tunnel, blasting booth, drying or curing ovens, paint booth, or two paint booths (See transfers conveyor).

Monorail chain conveyor can be installed in a mounted reversed position (See inverted mounted chain conveyor).

In most cases, the monorail is delivered ready to be assembled. Rails, curves, and various components of the conveyor are assembled one onto the other with bolts, according to provided assembly drawing, which makes the assembly very simple.

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