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Overhead conveyor

Manual monorail

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Monorail manuel

Our Overhead manual monorail conveyors easily accommodate motorised parts or sections, and can receive ...

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Monorail chain

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Monorail à chaîne

CONVOYNORT’s overhead monorail chain conveyor which forms a closed loop from carousel to long circuit including ...

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Inverted mounted chain conveyor

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Monorail à chaîne inversée

CONVOYNORT's inverted mounted overhead conveyor will be used in applications for which transported parts ...

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Power and free conveyor

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Birails

Our overhead conveyors power and free, they require no spring, gear, slave connection rod or other, which ...

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Tranfers conveyor

Convoynort - Transfers conveyor

To serve two paint booths located one next to the other, the transfers conveyor can usefully be used instead of ...

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Hoist travelling crane

Convoynort - Pont roulant

Travelling bridge cranes, Hoist travelling crane. Hoist with manual or motorised translation. They are usefully used with ...

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Travelling bridge crane

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Poutre roulante Transbordeur

Our manual conveyors can be set up as transfer conveyors using travelling bridges cranes. Travelling bridges cranes ...

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Special handling system

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Manutention spéciale

For several years CONVOYNORT develops any kind of special machine in the domain to overhead and floor handling ...

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Conveying tracks

Convoynort - Convoyeur aérien - Rail de manutention

From simple straight lines to circuit including curves and switches, CONVOYNORT meets your needs in ...

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