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Transfers conveyor

To serve two paint booths located one next to the other, the transfers conveyor can usefully be used instead of the twin rail conveyor, while maintaining the base of an overhead monorail chain conveyor.

Upstream from the two paint booths, a first transfer (equivalent to a switch) is used to direct or not the carried parts to the second paint booth.
Upon exiting the second paint booth, the parts leave (second transfer) towards the main track.

Our transfer systems require no automation, jack, etc.
Transfers are done without jolts.

Passing carried parts to two points or via carriers is also compatible with the transfers.
One system can serve, for instance:
    - two paint booths (single 2 itinerary transfer).
    - two paint booths and two surface treatment tunnels (twin 4 transfer).

See transfers conveyor video

Project example :
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Convoynort - Convoyeur à transferts

Transfers conveyor can also be installed in reversed position.(See inverted mounted chain conveyor)