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Double tracks - 2700 Series

Convoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series

The 2700 series double track conveyors includes 2 parallel and identical tracks.

Track section: 40mm×40mm×thickness 3mm.
Chains and trolleys with steel bearing rollers.
Maximum operating temperature: 250°c.

The chain and trolleys have bearing and guiding rollings.

The distinctive feature of CONVOYNORT's double track conveyors is their easy driving and accumulation mode.
Brochure Twin tracks 2700 Series

The chain of the double tracks conveyor that is used is the chain of the 1200 series.

The double tracks system can have manual sections.
Operators can move the suspended tray conveyors manually to a defined area.

Convoynort - Double tracks - 2700 Series - Double tracks with manual area

The 2700 series, a light double track that manages indexing

The gondolas or carriers of a P&F conveyor may receive an indexation.
For example an indexation allows informing the color program number to a booth painting to be applied for the transported pieces of the carrier.

Convoynort - Double tracks - 2700 Series - carriers with indexation

Several models of indexation can be chosen: mechanical index, plates with holes, barcode, electronic chips.
Here, all the carriers have their own barcode. Readings are made with several barcode readers along the installation.

Some facilities require using storage stations.
Indexed suspended tray conveyors are automatically carried to their destinations.
The indexing modes vary according to context.
Mechanical indexes, attachments, barcode, electronic chips, etc.

Convoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series - Storage stations

Lighter P&F conveyor, it easily meets many overhead handling needs.

Convoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series - Automotive  industry conveyor

Automotive industry conveyor.
The twin rail conveyor is easily integrated in manufacturing and assembling workshops.
Here, it is used as a conveyor in the automotive industry.

Convoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series - Conveyor for tireConvoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series - Conveyor for tire

See lifting device for light loads video

Line or groin accumulation conveyor, etc. See double tracks 2700 series video.

Convoynort - Twin tracks - 2700 Series - Groin accumulation conveyor