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Inverted mounted chain conveyor

CONVOYNORT's inverted mounted overhead conveyor will be used in applications for which transported parts must remain clean of oil droplets or dirt falling from conveyor chain.
Reversed conveyor has the advantage of avoiding an additional oil pan all along the handling circuit.

Rails, bends of the inverted chain conveyor may be built in stainless steel. C-hooks, baskets, jigs as well as supports of work pieces may also be realized in stainless steel.
In stainless steel version, reversed mounted monorail is an innovative conveyor system for handling installations which require a high cleanness level.

Inverted mounted overhead conveyor for paint & finishing lines

Paint and finishing lines which include treatment surface tunnel, dryer and curing ovens will be advantageously fitted with a CONVOYNORT inverted overhead chain conveyor intended for high temperature applications.
The CONVOYNORT reversed chain conveyor may also be used as transfers conveyor, combining two main advantages:
The inverted transfers conveyor allows destination choice of one of both paint booths installed in parallel (See transfers conveyor) while avoiding falling dirt onto painted work pieces.

Reversed mounted chain conveyor for food industry

Nowadays, the expected quality level for an overhead handling installation and specially the sensitive cleanness one in food industry requires the using of clean overhead conveyors.
The inverted mounted overhead chain monorail will be an appropriate answer for your food handling conveyor requirement.

In stainless steel for tracks, horizontal and vertical curves, C-hooks, baskets or supports, the CONVOYNORT inverted mounted overhead conveyor avoids dirt falling onto transported foods.

The other advantages of the CONVOYNORT range remain:
    - The using of high quality components for the manufacturing of our conveyor systems, which ensures a long life to your handling installation.
    - The modularity and flexibility of provided devices, the assembly on site by bolting, without welding.
These advantages make a CONVOYNORT installation a carefree time.
The inverted monorail chain will be ideal for your next investment.

The features of the reversed chain monorails 1210 and 1010 series are the same as the 1200 and 1000 series chain monorails.

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