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Conveying tracks

CONVOYNORT's rolling pathes are shaped profils in C of different sections.
The section of the conveying track which is used in a handling installation mainly depends of weight and dimensions of the only load or several work pieces to be conveyed :

- 40mm×40mm×3mm     (See manual monorail 700 series)
- 60mm×68mm×4mm     (See manual monorail 500 series)
- 100mm×120mm×6mm (See manual monorail 400 series)

Choice of track section may also be affected by possible distance between two fastening points of the rail and number of mobile trolleys loaded with work pieces which will be used within the overhead handling system.

Handling trolleys travel inside rolling path.

From simple straight lines to circuit including curves and switches, CONVOYNORT meets your needs in handling rail thanks to its complete range of manual conveyors.

For each manual monorail CONVOYNORT one or several possibilities for motorization are available. Self-powered trolley, conveyor chain, side motorization, etc. are as many ways for CONVOYNORT to motorize a stretch, an area, a conveyor circuit, etc.

Find out below a pictures gallery of rails handling with available mobile trolleys.

Manual monorail - 700 series

Conveying tracks - Basic trolley - 700 Series

Basic trolley

Conveying tracks - Simple trolley - 700 Series

Simple trolley

Manual monorail - 500 series

Conveying tracks - Basic trolley - 500 Series

Basic trolley

Handling rail - Trolley court - 500 Series

Short trolley

Handling rail - Trolley palan - 500 Series

Hoist trolley

Conveying tracks - Motorized trolley - 500 Series

Motorized trolley

Conveying tracks - Long trolley 600mm - 500 Series

Long trolley 600mm

Conveying tracks - Long trolley 1000mm - 500 Series

Long trolley 1000mm

Manual monorail - 400 series

Conveying tracks - Hoist trolley - 400 series

Hoist trolley

Handling rail - Assembled trolleys - 400 series

Assembled trolleys

Conveying tracks - Travelling trolley - 400 series

Travelling trolley

Conveying tracks - Motorized trolley - 400 series

Motorized trolley

The mobile trolley or motorized self-powered trolley which travels inside track conveyor may receive a mechanic or electric hoist according the need.

Convoynort - hoist handlingConvoynort - Drop section on travelling bridge

This presentation of different models of mobile trolleys would not be complete without its complement of inverted mounted conveyors.
Loads to be conveyed are hanged to trolleys which travel inside a conveyor mounted in an inverted position. The main advantage of an inverted manual monorail is a fairly significant space savings in some cases.

Convoynort - Inverted handling rail

Installation example of a travelling bridge mounted as closer to the ceiling.
The travelling bridge or mobile traverse is linked to two long trolleys travelling each inside an inverted mounted track.

For some applications, the use of stainless steel conveyor will be required. Please contact us for handling stainless steel rails and stainless steel trolleys. (See manual monorail stainless steel 500 series)

Mobile stainless steel trolleys

Handling rail - Basic trolley stainless steeel

Basic trolley

Conveying tracks - Short trolley stainless steeel

Short trolley

Conveying tracks - Hoist trolley stainless steeel

Hoist trolley

Handling rail - Simple trolley stainless steeel

Simple trolley