Overhead conveyor

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CONVOYNORT, manufacturer of handling systems for many years presents its overhead conveyors and floor conveyors :

Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Manual monorail

Overhead manual monorail conveyor

Our manual conveyors easily accommodate motorised parts or sections, and can receive upward and downward elevators, pipe switches ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Monorail chain

Overhead monorail chain conveyor

CONVOYNORT’s overhead monorail chain conveyor which forms a closed loop from carousel to long circuit including level differences will bring you advantages ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Inverted mounted chain conveyor

Inverted monorail chain conveyor

CONVOYNORT's inverted mounted overhead conveyor will be used in applications for which transported parts must remain clean of oil droplets or dirt ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Power and free

Overhead power and free conveyor

Our overhead conveyors power and free, they require no spring, gear, slave connection rod or other, which constitutes an important advantage in terms of maintenance ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Transfer conveyor

Overhead transfers conveyor

To serve two paint booths located one next to the other, the transfers conveyor can usefully be used instead of the twin rail conveyor, while maintaining the base of an ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Hoist travelling crane

Overhead handling with hoist travelling crane

Travelling bridge cranes, Hoist travelling crane. Hoist with manual or motorised translation. They are usefully used with manual monorails in the 400, 500 and 700 series ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Travelling bridge crane

Travelling bridge crane

Our manual conveyors can be set up as transfer conveyors using travelling bridges cranes. Travelling bridges cranes ...

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Convoynort - Special handling system - Drop section on travelling bridge

Special handling system

For several years CONVOYNORT develops any kind of special machine in the domain to overhead and floor handling. Our special ...

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Convoynort - Overhead conveyor - Conveying tracks

Conveying tracks

From simple straight lines to circuit including curves and switches, CONVOYNORT meets your needs in handling rail ...

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Convoynort - Floor handling - Floor conveyor

Floor conveyor

Our range includes several single strand floor truck conveyors. Each one is designed based on the load, driving type ...

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